There are many different neighbourhoods in Belleville which offer all levels of housing options and amenities. It’s difficult to clearly define these areas into specific neighbourhoods. We can offer some general guidelines. Like most urban areas Belleville has expanded in a widening arc from the centre outward. Geographically restricted by the Bay of Quinte and the 401 development has progressed east and west with more recent development pushing north of the 401 as services became available.

East Belleville

The east end of Belleville extends from the downtown core east to Haig Rd. It encompasses several unique neighbourhoods defined largely by the era in which they were developed.

The “Old East Hill” area extends east up the “Hill” from downtown to Bleecker or MacDonald. It really depends who you are talking to. Here you will find many of the finer century homes and quaint “cottages”. Large areas of East Hill are zoned for mulit-residential. Duplexes, triplexes etc are common in this area.

East Hill is defined by Bridge St. E. and its huge trees and Victoria Ave as the main arteries. There are lots of beautiful parks including East Hill Park at Bleecker and Bridge and the Corby Rose Garden between William and Ann.

Living in the East Hill area offers easy walking to downtown for shopping, restaurants and theatre. A few blocks away is our beautiful Waterfront Trail.


This area was developed in the post-war period from 1945 to the 1960’s and early 70’s. The area offers mostly smaller homes typical of that era. There are several unique neighbourhoods in this area which are a great choice for First Time Buyers and those thinking of downsizing. A unique style of urban planning, typical of the time, created short intersecting streets and low traffic flows. These are nice, quiet neighbourhoods close to schools, parks and shopping.


Moving into the mid-to-late 70’s and 80’s we see the development of the area east of Herchimer. This was a period when the boomers were having babies and needing schools. Moira High School, 2-3 grade schools and the YMCA are indicators of what a family oriented area this is. Here we have lots of sidesplits, backsplits and bungalows on good-sized lots. Ideal homes for growing families.

Stanley Park Subdivision

This large homogenous development was built in the late 1990’s. Very quiet, low traffic area close to Harry J. Clarke Public School and Moira High School. Good sized bungalows and larger 2 storey, all brick homes currently priced from $270,000 to $360,000. This area is a good choice for relocating military families locating to 8 Wing Trenton.

West Belleville

Like the east end the west neighbourhoods begin at the Moira River and expanded westward. Interesting to note that historically in Belleville the working class neighbourhoods developed on the west side. In most Canadian urban areas the West side tends to be the higher end area. This was created because of the direction of drift from coal and woodburning. In Belleville, likely because of our location on the Bay of Quinte winds tend to blow more often east to west.

The lower west part of town has affordable older homes. Many are without basements. As you rise up the hill the homes tend to get a bit more substantial though it tends to be very mixed.

More recent homes are located west of Sidney St. South of Bridge St. W. there is the area bisected by Leland Ave. A good family area with a mixture of styles from the 1970’s. Also some affordable townhouse options.

West of Palmer Rd. is a pocket of homes from the 70’s and 80’s just south of Centennial High School. Another good family area with affordable homes.

North of Moira St. W. is an area known as West Park Village. This is one of the largest and most homogenous neighbourhoods in Belleville which extends north to almost Bell Blvd. Lots of variety in styles and price range. Low traffic streets. Good central location close to the 401 and main shopping areas.


Hillcrest, locally known as “Stoney Lonesome” was historically an area of lower income homes. In the past 30 years it has developed into a area of mixed housing options. Several new home developments have popped up in the past 10-15 years. This area is very convenient to St. Theresa’s high school and Bellevilles new Wellness and Fitness Centre (link to:

“The Wharf”

Bellevillians who hail from this up-and-coming neighbourhood call themselves “wharf rats”. Located south of Dundas from the Moira River east to Foster Ave. A pocket of smaller homes and exciting new development near Myer’s Pier and the George St. boat launch. Handy to the trails, boating and downtown.

Central East

Heading north from the Moira River and Moira St. E to 401 is another area of affordable homes with schools, churches and convenient to North Front shopping. Bounded on the east by Riverside Park with its trails connecting to Belleville’s extensive Riverfront and Waterfront Trail. The park is also home to a great playground for kids and several soccer pitches.

Central West

From North Front, west to Sidney St and north of College St. W. is a area of mixed housing options. Jackson Woods is a 8-10 year old subdivision extending from College to Tracey St. This area includes single family homes and townhomes and offers a nice park and walking trail. Prices range from $230-$300,000.

Just west is an area generally known as Parkdale stretching from College St. W to Tracey St and East ofSidney St. This is an affordable neighbourhood appreciated for its central location and proximity to Parkdale Public School, Sir George Vanier Catholic School and Quinte High School. The area is also handy to most areas of the City. There is a walking path from the north end of this area to Bell Blvd shopping and the Quinte Mall. Developed in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s this area generally offers large lots and quiet neighbourhoods.

New Home Development

Belleville and its surrounding areas is experiencing significant new home development. There are several areas offering a wide range of new home options.

North of 401

General areas include a large, expanding area north of the 401 from Sidney St. N. to the Moira River. Lots of selection with 3-4 builders to choose from. Prices from $240,000 for townhomes to $400,000 and up for larger single family homes. To the far east, along the Moira River is Staikos Homes.

Potters Creek

A relatively new developing area running from Avondale Rd., west to Avonlough Rd. this area features well designed and well priced homes by Cobblestone Homes of Quinte (link to: ( Duvanco Homes (link to:( Townhomes, bungalows and 2 stories as well as some higher density multi-residential are planned for this innovative development by Adrian Bax. This neighbourhood is perfect for a wide range of clients. First-time, moving up, growing family and downsizing buyers will find great homes here in a well designed community.

This new community is becoming very popular with relocating military families due to its proximity to 8 Wing Trenton. Future Developments

There are many new developments being proposed throughout the city. Everything from high-rise condos at the waterfront to in-fill lot development in older sections of town.


Thurlow is a formerly independent rural municipality which amalgamated into the City of Belleville several years ago. It includes much of the new urban development moving north of the 401. Outside of these urban subdivisions is an expansive rural community. Farms both working and hobby are dotted along the many concession roads as well as a large number of homes on smaller lots. Thurlow is a great area to consider if you want rural yet not too far away from the conveniences of Belleville. Prices are reasonable and there is a wide variety of housing options. There are several school options with good bussing to both public and high schools in Belleville. Separate school high school students attend St. Theresa’s just south of the 401.