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6 Steps to keep the flu out of your house!

Avoid sick people!

This is a pretty obvious tip but an easy one to ignore. If you know or hear someone at work or the store coughing or complaining about not feeling well, avoid them like the plague. Keep hand sanitizer in your office when you have to touch common things like the office printer. And if you are really sick, please stay home!!!!

Wash your hands frequently!

Yes, we all wash our hands after we go to the bathroom, but we need to remember to wash them after changing diapers, getting home from the grocery store, or from the Dr. office, and especially before eating. Keeping a little bottle of sanitizer in your car or purse is also handy.

Wipe things down!

Using sanitizing wipes are the best thing to kill germs on services. Wipe your phone down as much as you wash your hands. Wiping your kids’ faces with sanitizing wipes stops the transfer of germs on wash cloths.

Wash your sheets and towels!

Germs and mould can grow on a wet towel fast. Once you use them, let them hang flat to dry. Wash them at least once a week. Experts suggest after every use, but lets be real. Sheets are also best washed at least once a week.

Change your furnace filter!

With the weather so cold there is no chance to open your windows and let fresh air in. Keeping your furnace filter clean can help keep the dust and pet dander in your home down. Plus, if there are germs floating around they will hopefully die before spreading around.

Clean your cleaning supplies!

If your wash cloths and sponges are dirty it wont matter how often you clean. Make sure you are using a clean cloth. If you are using disposable sponges, let them dry between uses and throw them out regularly.