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Plan Your Move BEFORE You Start Packing

Moving this year? Start preparing before you start packing!

Schedule Smart

Summer is a popular time to move, so book any services you need well in advance. Avoid long weekend traffic and the 1st of the month if possible.

Hire a Professional

Most people will hire movers, at least to shift their large furniture and heavier items. It is also worth considering professional packers- they often bring their own supplies and can fill boxes faster and more efficiently than you! Think about it- they can do in one day what might take you weeks. Decide how much your time is worth and it might make sense to pay the professionals.

Plan to Move Only What You Use

Start thinking about which large/valuable items you no longer need. It will be easier to find new owners for heirloom furniture or excess electronics while you have time to list them online or hand them down.

Smart Packing Purchases

The cost of packing supplies can add up! Consider investing in some large tupperware containers. They’ll be more expensive than cardboard and tape, but you can use them for storage and for your next move.

Use Up Your Stockpiles

Is your deep freeze full? How many can of beans to you have in the pantry? Now is the time to get creative in the kitchen- use it, don’t move it! You can also donate to your local food bank. Keep in mind while shopping that you don’t need to stock up on 18 rolls of on-sale paper towels until you’re in your new home.