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Do NOT Call Us to Buy a House!

News Flash! Don’t Call Us!

Yep, your heard it right! Please do NOT call us to buy a house in the GTA or Durham.

Who ever heard of a real estate agent not wanting your call? Don’t agents go anywhere, anytime to sell a house?

Nope! Here’s why…

You need a local expert

Real estate agents are LOCAL experts. We are trained and experienced to know our area and neighbourhood extensively and intimately. Good, Bad and Ugly! We use this information to guide our clients to life-enhancing decisions about real estate. Decisions they will have to live with for possibly years. Decisions that we might have to face if they decide to sell in the future.

If you are moving here you want experts in OUR area. Belleville, the Bay of Quinte, Prince Edward County and the immediate surrounding areas. They should know clearly where you should buy to best meet the goals of you and your family. You want to avoid the pitfalls a buyer can encounter if not wisely counselled.

We won’t do it, not ever!!

That’s why we will NOT sell you a house in Toronto, Whitby or Oshawa. We are not local experts in that market. Even though it’s only 1.5 hours away and we are licensed to sell anywhere in Ontario. We could never serve you properly. It would be completely unfair to you and your family. We have a fiduciary duty that can’t really be fulfilled in an unknown market.  We may know how to find the local Costco but that’s about it!

Both our daughters have bought homes in Toronto. We have never shown (we did see a few…) them a house or negotiated an offer. We handed them over to LOCAL agents qualified to advise them soundly for this most important purchase.

Follow the Logic. It’s simple.

We will not sell you a house in your area.

Why would you use an agent from your area to sell you a house in our area?

Why would you hire an agent who does not know the area or market. An agent who must not be very successful if they can spend a day driving to an unknown market to make themselves a few bucks. They don’t know the market and they may not even have adequate real estate experience to represent you properly.

As listing agents we often identify concerns for the Buyer’s agent. Issues that will protect them and their Buyers. Issues that would have eluded the city agent. We often end up doing a lot of work that should be handled by the Buyer’s agent.

We can’t stress this enough. Leave your city agent in the city, and use a local real estate professional if you are considering a relocation to another area. It would be like using a plumber as your urologist. Two very important professionals who both handle “waterworks”. Not on the same business card though.

Location, location, location!

Everyone knows location is the number one rule for real estate success. Applies not only to the actual home you buy. It also applies to the agent you hire to sell you a house. Both need to be properly located.

We can easily provide pre-MLS property information. Just give us a bit of information and we’ll set up a custom search. Head to our “Home Alerts” page.