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Fall Decor from the Grocery Store

Keep your eyes peeled for seasonal accents while grocery shopping! Save yourself a stop and stock up on decorations that are eye-catching AND edible.


Gourd for You!

There are so many types of squash and pumpkin, they come in all shapes, colours and sizes!

Larger varieties are great for the door step, you can find one to match any colour palette.

Hollow out a smaller gourd, insert an empty can or jar and you have a homemade vase or votive candle holder!

Spice is Nice

Looks great, smells great and it lasts! Bulk store or no name brands are your best value for money.

Fill a mason jar with cinnamon sticks, star anise and dried fruit. Use bay leaves as the greenery in a seasonal wreath, and garlic bulbs or dried chili peppers for accents.


Autumn Colours

A bowl full of citrus fruit is a simply way to brighten up your table or counter, and add some zip to your cooking!

Pomegranates are especially beautiful this time of year, the bright red matches the changing foliage.