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Gardening For Curb Appeal

Spring is the right time to invest in your property’s curb appeal and landscaping. There are many advantages to picking plants that come back year after year. These common, low maintenance perennials are drought resistant and a food source for local pollinators.

Keep an eye out for community plant sales, where local gardeners sell and exchange plantings from their own collections. You can fill your garden up permanently for less than a trip to the garden centre for pansies and petunias that only last one year!


Low maintenance, this plant prefers drier conditions! Looks and smells great, just needs a yearly pruning to stay in shape.

Coneflower (echinacea)

Available in colours from blue through to orange, these flowers will bloom all summer. Practically indestructible once established.


Also known as stonecrop, this succulent has many of drought resistant varieties. The flowers dry well and add winter interest to the garden.

Bearded Iris

Irises have tuber roots that are thick and close to the surface. Very easy to propagate and transplant, your garden will be full in no time!

Black-Eyed Susan

Another one that will flower all summer, with bonus of attracting butterflies to your garden. About as low maintenance as it gets.


Looking for a larger plant? Spirea is available in many more foliage and bloom shapes and colours than just the common “bridal wreath” variety.