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Home decor trends for 2018

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling the home you have, 2018 is going to be there year for colour and Farmhouse trends



  1. Colour in the Kitchen

While white is classic and safe, this year homeowners are leaning towards colour in the kitchen. Adding an accent island in greys or blues, or even bringing in different wood tones like mahogany. Whichever you decide designers are encouraging big risk-takers when it comes to colour.



2. Warming up the neutrals

You can’t go wrong with keeping the primary walls a neutral colour but this year you will see homes becoming a little warmer. Green-infused grey, caramel brown and bone white to name a few.



3. Area Rugs that stand out

Rugs that blend into the floor are out, artwork rugs are in. Try buying a rug with bold colour, different textures and work with the size. Fill the entire room or get a very bold but smaller rug for a great conversation piece.



4.  Florals are here in a big way

These are not your grandmother’s floral curtains, 2018 florals are bold, big and beautiful. Used on wallpaper, accent pillows or a beautiful throw on the bed. Don’t shy away from bigger is better.


5.  Vintage light fixtures

Sconces, chandeliers, lanterns, and even barn lights are all on trend this year. None of these are hard to find, a quick peek on Pinterest, and a Wayfair account, you too can own any or all of these styles in no time.