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Only 56 Days Until Spring!!

Advice For Sellers in the Late Winter Months

If either you have been going strong since the holiday season or, you have decided to wait until the new year to test the market, you should be optimistic. There are lots of buyers out there and your competition is still reasonably small…However, there remains a few unique challenges around this time of year that you are likely going to face (Author’s note: this post was written after a ten centimetre snowfall). The bliss and excitement that comes with the first snow falls in late November is starting to be replaced by, the struggle and agony that comes with the brown slushy soup of late January. Fear not! With a bit of extra caution and maintenance, you can make your house stand apart from the competition like a diamond in the rough, or, like a Canadian Tire dollar in a snowbank.


Declutter and take down lights/holiday decor

The holidays mean lots of parties, big meals and hours of time spent with family and friends. They also bring heaps of used wrapping paper, leftover containers and food as well as lots of new clothes, gadgets, books and whatever else Saint Nick decided to leave with you. Not to mention the special lights and decor that is only used for one month of the year (in most cases…).

To make your listing appear more appealing, get rid of any unwanted wrapping paper, find a permanent spot for the new items that will stay, and take down seasonal decor as soon as possible.


Monitor Winter Damage

The winter season is extremely harsh in Canada. As a result, the homes that protect us are bombarded with thousands of pounds of snow, ice, and running water for extended periods of time over several months. It is critical to be aware of the vulnerable spots in your home and attend to them regularly. This could include:

  • – Roof
  • – Plumbing
  • – Windows
  • – Driveway
  • – Eaves

Make sure all vulnerable areas have any ice or snow removed as it can not only be dangerous but also, quite the eye sore.


Fire it Up!

Turn on any fireplaces, and use candles when possible. This helps the house feel much more warm and inviting. Buyers coming to look at your home are likely to spend lots of time outside looking at the yard or, possibly other houses. The use of fireplaces can drastically improve the temperature of the home and reduce the need to rely on your furnace as much. Candles are a great way to enhance the atmosphere on a cold day or night. Just make sure they aren’t left unattended!



Buyers are not likely to buy a house they can’t get into…

tour (1).jpg

Take a Tour!

Do a complete tour of your house as though you were a potential buyer. Check all the nooks and crannies inside and out. Make sure there isn’t damage from any recent storms and, that all the important areas of the yard are easy to get to, including the garage. The main entrance should be completely free of ice. Consider placing another mat at your front door for extra boots. Another byproduct of winter is dust. Make sure to check all the sensitive areas like window sills, baseboards and electronics. Once you have checked the entire house and yard, making any adjustments/repairs along the way, take one more tour and make sure you haven’t missed anything…