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Packing Up Christmas!

If you really hate using a paid day off to put all the decorations away and clean your house you are not alone. Some people wait until after New Years to take down their decorations and tree. Others bite the bullet and take it down a day or two after Boxing Day. Either way it is a lot of work. We hope these tips will help you win the “take-down-Christmas” game this year!

  • Get Motivated! – Now that you have made this conscious decision, it’s time to get moving. Don’t plan anything else for that day. Make sure the kids (if you have any) are occupied for longer than a 23 minute episode of Paw Patrol, and fuel yourself with caffeine!
  • Get Organized! – It’s always faster to get things accomplished if you have a plan and are organized. To keep you visually organized think about buying plastic storage bins for each holiday. You will want to label each one based on the content inside them.
  • Divide and Conquer! – You will most likely put the same decorations in the same spot next year. Try to pack these decorations away together. You can also pack them away grouped by room.
  • Ornaments – IF you remember, save the packaging the ornaments came in. If you loose that, make sure to keep tissue paper from gifts to wrap them in.
  • Ribbon – This year I put ribbon on my tree for the first time ever, and do you think I remembered to keep the roles. Luckily I have lots of paper towel rolls around that I can use to wrap the ribbon around to keep it smooth for next year.
  • Outdoor Lights – These are usually left up until it warms up outside. Whenever you take them down, make sure you keep each strand untangled and labeled with it’s location. Keep the clips in one bag all together.

In the end, if you pack everything away neat, tidy and organized after Christmas, you will be super happy you did when you get it all out next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year