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Home Buying "Justice League"

Yep! You can buy a house without an agent. Without a “Justice League” team that has your back. 

You find a house you like.

It is not listed on MLS.

Make an offer!

No problem! Any lawyer will do that. They will handle the legal documents and close the transaction.

Easy. Peasy. Right?

No downside! Right?

Investigation. Due diligence. Inspections. Market knowledge. Price. Process. These and more are all on you!

A myriad of minuscule and mammoth details and concerns to manage. 

A qualified, knowledgable agent with a “protector” mentality will do the heavy lifting. Protecting you, your family and your future equity.

There are definitely practitioners in our industry who are focused more on their commission cheque and the next deal. Those may not have your best interests in mind. Not the best protectors.

Here’s the bonus. In almost 100% of home purchases these valuable services will cost you absolutely zero! Nada! Bupkis. The Seller pays for their agent to “broker” the transaction creating a situation that is fair to all parties concerned.

So, go ahead. Buy a house without The Platinum Team. First, educate yourself fully about what is really involved.

Click here to learn about the technology we use as a team to serve YOU in today’s fast-paced market. We’re talking about a lot more than a “free home evaluation and staging advice!”

We go beyond the tired, overused promise of “service”. We are protectors. Your real estate “Justice League” ready for action!