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Selling in January!

Winter is here! When you’re planning on selling your home, most people will tell you to wait for the Spring Market! Everyone is in a good mood, flowers are blooming, grass is greening, birds are singing, what better time to sell. Or is it?

Winter can be the best time to sell, and here’s why,

Less competition

With everyone else waiting for Spring to get here you will have less homes to compete with. This will help your home stand out and get noticed. This particularly relevant in 2017 as listing inventory has been very low through 2016 and new listings for December are down in numbers from last year. 

The house is clean

After you take all the Christmas decor down, try not to put anything back out. Less is more, and less clutter looks so much more appealing to Buyers.

Motivated Buyers

January is cold. It takes more motivation to bundle up and look at houses in the winter than it does in the warm spring air.

January is also known as the most depressing month of the year. Mostly due to not having much money after Christmas. If you have Buyer’s out looking they are usually pre approved and know they can afford to buy.

Free Time

During the holidays most people find themselves with some free time. With Christmas on Sunday and lots of people with the week off, the MLS websites will be busy. Down-time means surf-time! Lots of people will be playing with their new mobile devices. We know that a huge majority of homebuyers search online with mobile devices. Why not be there!

Spring is still a good time to sell your home, but do not rule out January. We always tell our clients:

“The spring market actually starts in January!”