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Are you on someone’s “A” list?

Of course we have a bias.

It’s our business to provide real estate services to homebuyers. Representing Buyers accounts for 50% of all the transactions we do. Of course it’s important to us and it’s also very important and meaningful to our Buyer clients.
That’s why we just don’t understand that someone could rationalize entering the homebuying fray without a Realtor.
Why would a homebuyer not use the services of a professional Realtor? We’re stumped and stymied.
We sometimes hear this statement….“I’m calling the listing agents and making my own appointments.” or “I think I will get a better deal if I work with listing agents only.”

Really? How do ya’ figure that?

First of all the listing agent is duty bound to represent the interests of the Seller-period, unless you have entered into an agency relationship with the Realtor as well. Then the role of the Realtor changes. Another topic for another post.

So, you call the listing agent who is legally and contractually bound to represent the interests of the Seller, not you. Sure, he’ll be happy to show you the property, as we would be. Now. Is he going to properly inform you about other properties of similar price and location? Or is he/she going to focus more on selling this particular listing.

So you scour the MLS system picking homes that possibly fit your needs. You book appointments with a different agent for each property. They show you the property and then you move on to the next property and agent. No knowledgeable feedback from “your” Realtor because you don’t have someone looking out for your interests.

A Realtor, when acting as your Buyer’s representative is now legally and contractually bound to act in your best interest. The Realtor knows the neighbourhood, recent sales and market activity in the area and can point out issues with the house that might be a concern.

They will book all the appointments and gather information that may not be apparent in the basic MLS listing. Even before seeing the property a Realtor is protecting your interests.

Here’s the kicker…in almost 100 % of transactions, this service costs the Buyer absolutely nothing! The Buyer gets professional assistance and the Seller pays the bill! No upfront fees or obligations. What a deal!

So, again we wonder:

“Why would a homebuyer not use the services of a professional Realtor?”

You may not choose one of our team partners as your Buyer’s Representative. That’s cool. However, we recommend you choose someone you connect well with and trust.

That person will now be dedicated to your home buying process. They will set up custom searches and will always be looking on the horizon for the perfect match. If you make a commitment that Realtor will be committed to you. Without that mutual commitment you are not getting the highest level of attention you deserve.

Remember, if you’re not on someone’s”A” list, you’re on everyone’s “B” list.