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Spring Clean Deep-Clean for Appliances

Love it or hate it Spring Cleaning time is here! If you’re spending a lot of time cleaning these day you might as well get serious and do it right. Start with one appliance a day, here are some tips!


  1. Remove the bottom rack to access the drain and filter, cleaning any visible blockages and any build up around the door hinges and seals.
  2. Fill a dishwasher-safe container with one cup of white vinegar, placing it on the upper rack and run the dishwasher through a hot-water cycle.
  3. Now sprinkle a cupful of baking soda across the bottom of the appliance, then run it on a short hot-water cycle.


  1. Clean the seal by pulling it out, removing any debris and wiping it down, you may need to break out the bleach if you have mildew build up!
  2. Clean the trap- check manufacture’s instruction- you’ll need to find the hatch and drain the tube you find into a bowl. Find and remove the trap cap, you may find some of your lost socks in there!
  3. Once you’ve closed the trap run the self-cleaning cycle with bleach or your preferred washing machine cleaner.


  1. Give the inside a manual scrub following your the oven cleaner spray’s instructions. If you prefer to avoid harsh chemicals you can apply a baking soda and water paste and let dry, then spray with vinegar and apply a large amount of elbow grease 
  2. Line your bathtub with old towels, rags or paper towels, place oven racks on top and add hot water and dish soap to soak. Once grease is loosened scrub to remove.
  3. Run your oven’s self cleaning cycle (though some appliance expert warn that these high heats can shorten your appliance’s lifespan).


-If you have an above the range microwave with a fan it has filters on the underside that should be cleaned monthly

-Keep your dryer efficient and safe by clearing as much lint as possible from inside the machine and the vent

-Grab your cooler and really commit to cleaning the fridge- with all perishables safely stowed you can turn off your appliance, give it a warm scrub down and let it dry completely inside