Buying a home begins with a decision. It is a decision that home ownership is, or will be, an important part of your life. You expect a home to bring financial benefits as well as an improved quality of life for you and your family.

Once that decision is made there are many ways to start the process:

  1. Start Searching: Most people start searching property listings on the internet, by browsing local real estate ads, cruising neighbourhoods and visiting open houses. These are great ways to get familiar with your local market.
  2. Find the Right REALTOR®: Finding the right REALTOR® to guide you through the home buying process is the next step. Searching property listings and choosing a REALTOR® can be two different processes.

Regardless of how you begin your home search, our unique “One Hour Consultation” offers a valuable introduction to the home buying process. We want to know what your needs, hopes and concerns may be before beginning the journey of buying your first or next home.

During this no obligation chat our team will help you:

  • Clarify your home buying priorities
  • Review financial needs
  • Compare neighbourhoods
  • Explore some of the legal details of buying and owning a home

Free One Hour Consultation

Your free consultation is the beginning of making the best choices for your long term personal and financial growth. Decisions which ensure you move into a home that is aligned with your family’s needs and lifestyle, while protecting your equity, enhancing your confidence and empowering your life’s journey.

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