Accolades and Awards

Doug is the other half of the founding team. He became a licensed real estate agent after winding up another successful business, in 1993. Starting at another brokerage Doug built his business by committing himself to the needs of his clients above all else.

Joining forces with Judi in 2001 was the catalyst for the creation of the most dynamic real estate team in the Belleville area. It was also the beginning of an amazing life together and their marriage in 2008. To say this new partnership was life changing would be an extreme understatement.

Doug was also a very early adopter of new technologies as they arose in the real estate industry. From early cell phones, the first truly interactive real estate website in the Belleville market to social media and client care software. To this day Doug is constantly on the lookout for new tools and systems which could enhance the success of the team and provide superior service to its clients.

Doug loves to read (Judi would say almost anything). He enjoys music, the outdoors, cycling, hiking, cooking, photography, travelling and exploring.