Belleville / Thurlow

Like most urban areas Belleville has expanded in a widening arc from the centre outward. Geographically restricted by the Bay of Quinte and the 401 development has progressed east and west with more recent

Quinte West

Quinte West is a large, amalgamated municipality to the west of Belleville. Home of the largest air base in Canada and gateway to the famed Trent-Severn waterway. Quinte West boasts a progressive city government

Stirling is the jewel of this region of 5,000 people. It is a quaint small town with a great community feel. The downtown features interesting shops, restaurants and of course The Stirling Theatre. This quiet town,

Tweed / Hungerford

Another rural amalgamated municipality with its small town centre being the Village of Tweed located on Stoco Lake. Tweed is surrounded by the former township of Hungerford. This area offers a great community-centred lifestyle. 

Madoc / Marmora


The small towns of Madoc and Marmora are a bit more distant from Belleville and share Highway #7 as their location. Both towns developed around mining and lumbering industries in the 19th century.


Brighton is the most westerly community in our Quinte region. Largely defined by its location on Presquile Bay and Lake Ontario, it has become a favourite destination for many retirees. 


This mostly rural municipality lays on the eastern edge of the Quinte area. Farms, hobby farms, acreage and large lots offer a variety of lifestyles and price ranges. Generally a bit more economical than other rural…