The Platinum Team, with 7 full time staff members, understands the importance of efficiently organizing and responding to showing and information requests at all times. Each showing request is received by both Team Leaders as well as our two full time administrators. During weekdays, from 8am-5pm, our administrative staff will contact our Sellers within minutes of receiving a request to show their property. On evenings and weekends showing requests are personally responded to by one of the Team Leaders or the Licensed Assistant assigned to the listing.This system ensures that all inquiries are answered and dealt quickly and a record is kept of all interactions.


All seven members of our team share clients’ contact information, and showing instructions for each of our listings using Wunderlist. We use this app on all our office computers, and on each team member’s mobile devices. All seven Team Members have access to updated information, including any supplemental listing documentation/information, and anyone of us can immediately respond to a showing or information
request for any property, any where, at any time.


Google 613-707-3352, you’ll find it attached to The Platinum Team name and all of our listings. We call it the “Batphone”. Bettervoice incorporates call routing, voice mail, text message, call capture, a customer relationship management system, and mobile app, all in one. This phone number appears on our lawn signs, print ads, direct mail, Facebook, kijiji, and MLS listings. This means that a potential Buyer will have near-instant access to a Team Member who’s fully equipped to answer their questions and show them a property. Our “Batphone” ensures that we do not miss valuable incoming calls.


The Platinum Team employs a sophisticated clientmanagement software program called Ixact. Here we manage client and listing data. It also allows us to manage the complex processes and schedules found in the real estate business.

One of its primary functions is our “Marketing Reports”. Here we record all activity for each listing. Once a month our clients receive a full and detailed report by email. Here they can review all marketing efforts, showings and the feedback from the showing agent. This report includes statistics gathered from all sites where each property is listed, showing the number of visits/views. Our clients find this invaluable in assessing the sale of their home or property.