Stirling is the jewel of this region of 5,000 people. It is a quaint small town with a great community feel. The downtown features interesting shops, restaurants and of course The Stirling Theatre. This quiet town, which is only 20 minutes from Belleville and the 401 has a wide range of housing options and price points.

Many people who work in Belleville prefer the small town life offered by Stirling. There is a well respected public school here , parks and active community life.

Recently new home development has picked up in Stirling and offers some affordable options in new housing compared to larger centres like Belleville and Trenton.


Rawdon is the surrounding rural township now amalgamated with Stirling into one municipality. Historically a rich farming community there are still many working farms especially dairy operations. There is also a unique water buffalo farm which supplies milk for water buffalo mozzarella ( a personal favourite for my caprese salads). In fact there is an annual “buffalo” festival in Stirling which celebrates this unique food product. More information at

Housing in Rawdon tends to be very rural and goes from full-on farms, hobby farms to single family homes on smaller acreages and lots. This can be a very affordable rural option, if the distance from Belleville or Trenton is not a concern.